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Beat the Heat - thoughts from Ash

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I love the fact that we are always growing and learning. Life is a journey that takes us from start to finish. We can’t take material things with us in the end, but what we do take are memories of experience and experiences with those around us, along with the characteristics and lessons learned in life.

I have never posted something like this so please bear with. I’m sure there is a pearl of wisdom somewhere in here to take away from this.

As I sit here letting the sea air do some serious knotty carnage to my hair (now dreads), I reflect on things I have learnt in recent days, which is that negativity and bitterness always wait at the door to pounce when heat arises in our lives. And you know what, I don’t blame or judge a single person who reacts in this way as our world is saturated with it. We are constantly being told that we need to strive or do better because we need to get revenge on those who may have hurt us, or have a “they hurt me so I’ll hurt them” mentality. The world tells us that rejection and failing is the worst thing! If this happens to you, you are weak so others must suffer with you or taste their own medicine.

Well sorry world… I disagree. Failing is growth and growth builds character! Don’t let failures, disappointments or circumstances in your life make you bitter. Rather chew on something sweeter, such as forgiveness and learning from the experience. Plus hurting another person just makes the cracks larger in your life and in you.

Don't let people walk over you or take advantage, but also don't be scared to take a risk or face something challenging. Be smart and respect yourself and your worth because you are the only one like you.

Commitment is very much lacking today and promises are so easily broken because people are constantly waiting on something better or don't want to invest into something in case they get hurt. Life is going to hurt you at some point or the another, there just no escaping that but the key aspect to what makes someone great is how they graciously deal with it! Graciously is the key word because 9 times out of 10, you probably have hurt someone in some way too.

Don't ever let people steal your joy, security or make you feel you need to change who you are or your morals to suit them. That is already starting a relationship or friendship that is unbalanced, which most times does not straighten up or even just gets worse.

I am thankful for every tough circumstance I face knowing it is building me up and reminding me not to rely or care what others opinions are.. 

Also be gracious to others as people often hurt the people around them because they are hurting inside themselves or they project anger because they are struggling or confused. 

Remember these things and you will come out of situations stronger, happier and better off... This is a promise.

My goal in life is to cherish every person or experience that I face, no matter how long or short the season, no matter how good or bad, terrifying or painful it might be. It is here that I learn more about myself and is where God continues to grow and shape me into becoming the person He purposed me to be.

So in a nutshell life is hard, (no doubting that) but remember to embrace life, embrace challenges and embrace growth. Life will be sweeter and you’ll be so much less bitter and negative for it.

Remember you can beat the heat!


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