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In the Wilderness Collection

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The overall inspiration of the 'in the wilderness' collection is the raw and ruggedness of nature.

There is something beautiful about being in the great outdoors, and we wanted to capture a glimpse of this so that it can be brought into your very own home.

We love the shapes and textures that nature so intricately creates, the stark contrasts of beauty and light and dark. Nature visually encompasses processes and stages in life that we identify with... from the new fresh growth to the hardships of life.

We have been inspired by the world around us and the environments we find ourselves in and what we create from them. It is so easy to focus on the negative when you are in the wilderness, but this art collection is about when in the dark place, you can choose to look for that inspiration to keep moving forward. To embrace living free, being fearless and being brave, and in that creating that place of hope and a way through.

All our intricate collections art prints are inspired and have a story behind them... Each print mentions a hint of the inspiration, or to what we aim to embrace as we live our todays. For example, with our fearless print, it can sometimes feel like we can't see 2 steps in front of us, that if we start walking we may fall off the cliff. Or that question about that new friendship or opportunity being worth the risk? We want to, (inspite of the stuff happening in our life), step out and embrace the unknown... In that small step, we become fearless... a picture of arms wide open ready to launch into the promise...

View our In the Wilderness Collection here...

Ash's fave In the Wilderness art prints:  Longevity & Make a Way

Jo's fave In the Wilderness art prints: Defender, close second and third are Leaf it Behind and Take me to New Heights.

Each of our intricate collections art prints are printed on eco friendly paper stock and embossed with the ic. stamp.


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