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Pay It Forward - Gift with Purchase to give to others...

art prints free gift with purchase inspirational sayings

You may have seen the movies Pay It Forward or Seven Pounds... both have this concept of paying it forward and leaving a legacy... It is the idea that if I do something kind or out of the ordinary that this will make a difference in someone's world and change it for the better... that my act of love will create a ripple effect that changes a life and in turn makes the world a better place...

At Intricate Collections, we want to make a difference, to be the difference - that change maker in someone's life. We empower our customers to be that agent of change.


How are we empowering others?

For every ic. print purchased, we give a free inspirational ic. print so that you can be generous and bless someone else. That means you can spread love, hope and kindness and bless your work colleague, your teacher, a fellow student, that person at the supermarket or that person who looks like their day needs brightening. You can Pay It Forward to the people you see everyday, or surprise someone you have never met, or even donate it to a not for profit that is doing a charity fundraiser. You may be the one that gives someone hope for their future.

How do we do this?

Tell us the name of that special person or charity, give us their address and a special message you might like to include. We will then send off one of our prints to brighten up their day!

When you buy an Intricate Collections print, you Pay It Forward with the gifted ic. art print and are a change maker. You pass on a blessing.



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