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The Power of the Word...

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I'm a great believer of the power of words... the influence of words and thoughts on your mental well-being can be a road block or a runway in your life... This will affect greatly what your outlook on your life situations and circumstances can be... Is it possible? Or are you overcome before you even step out?

Having grown up in an environment that was not positive and that was hugely influenced by negative verbal communication that influenced negative thinking and negative behaviours, I started to rebel against what I knew and saw and tried to think and speak differently. I challenged the thinking of my main adult influencers and learnt strategies to counteract the negative with the positive. I'm not saying this was easy, as at such a young age I battled against mindsets that were unhealthy and were so deeply ingrained into my subconscious thoughts that it came out in my everyday behaviours.  

For me to live my best life, I unconsciously started to filter songs, books I read, TV and movies I watched... Even now, I'm even more aware of the affect of too much negative news, social media stories, etc. I choose daily what I listen to, look at and read... I want to choose life and things that help me live my life to the fullest and in my life's purpose!

In my home and office, my walls and spaces become places for art that remind me of where I'm going, who I am and what motivates me. Create those spaces in your home and have wee sanctuaries where you feel rested and filled...

A major influence in designing the different Intricate Collections is to inspire, to encourage and to help make that mental shift from being anxiety to being brave, to then step out and be fearless which leads to freedom and a new level of soul searching as you go after your life's dreams!

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