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Today is My Day

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Today is My Day typographic print.

A gorgeous typographic print that declares Today is your day! Don't let situations and circumstances get you down, you are a force to be reckoned with! 

Jo was inspired while journalling and reminding herself of who she is and how she can approach each day, that she can be this person she wants to be in life. 

Hand typography by our amazing Ashleigh. Words by Jo.


This is for the print only. Frame is not included.

#printnow - for Digital prints only:

This is an electronic file, with no embossing. You receive this file straight away and can download and print from home or at your local print shop. This printable wall art file is High Resolution and if printed professionally will have a quality finish. If your art piece is rich in colour, ensure you print with this in mind as ink / colour coverage may vary with each printer. We recommend printing this at a maximum size of A3 and on a FSC rated paper. This file type allows you to print your new artwork at your preferred size. 

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